Chapter on movement-party interactions.

We have just finished our contribution for the Blackwell Companion to Social Movements

Social Movements in Interaction with Political Parties

Swen Hutter, Hanspeter Kriesi, and Jasmine Lorenzini

The literature on the interplay of social movements and political parties is growing as sociologists regain interest in political parties and political scientists pay closer attention to citizens’ discontent and its various political expressions. In this essay, we discuss the role of political parties and social movements as key actors for democratic representation, present four fields in social movement studies that have dealt with movement-party interactions, and discuss how movement-party interactions and hybrid forms might be reshaped in times of a crisis of democratic representation.


Social movements, political parties, democratic representation, crisis of representation, alliance formation, agenda-setting

Chapter prepared for The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Social Movements, edited by David A. Snow, Sarah A. Soule, Hanspeter Kriesi, and Holly McCammon

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