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I give lectures, seminars, and colloquia with a focus on my research topics in the Master of Arts Sociology - European Societies at Freie Universität Berlin. Students of the master program interested in a related thesis project can contact me by email, preferably with a one-page summary of their ideas.


Selected Courses

  • Lecture "Introduction to European Integration"

  • Research Seminar "Dynamics of Protest Politics"

  • Research Semianr "Covid-19 and Civil Society"

  • Research Seminar "Conflicts in the Public Sphere: Quantitative Content Analysis of Media Texts"

  • Research Seminar "Dynamics of Protest and Electoral Politics in Europe"

  • Seminar "The Politicization of European Integration"

  • Seminar "The Politics of Social Inequality"

  • Seminar "The Politicization of Immigration"

  • Seminar "The Rise of the Populist Radical Right"

  • MA Research Colloquium

For more information, please visit the website of the Lichtenberg Professorship in Political Sociology.

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